I was experiencing lower back pain because of osteoporosis and balance problems with weakness in my legs. I am a senior citizen and still am very active. I have been under care with Dr. Schubert for years and feel that his care and the exercise program I participate in at his clinic has kept me going. I still do get episodes of low back pain that come and go, but I do not have to take any medication for this anymore. I am able to perform all of my daily activities without any problems also. I can recommend this clinic for everyone.
Virginia D.

I have been getting chiropractic care for many years. When I found out my chiropractor was retiring and a new doctor was taking over the practice, I asked if he had a sense of humor and was told that Dr. Schubert did indeed! I have been coming to Dr. Schubert since he arrived here in 2003, and I know that chiropractic care has kept me going. I feel that if I wait too long I will get all stoved up and it will take time to get feeling better again. The staff is great and cares about the patients.
Lucy S.

I was having lower back pain with right leg sciatic pain caused by a disc lesion and had a very stiff neck from years of overdoing working in a factory. I am doing very well now and am pleased with my results after going through the PneuBack Program. I have very little pain now and can exercise without pain. I have also recently started walking again and am currently walking for a mile without any increased pain in my back and leg. I would recommend the program to everyone.
Linda D.

I was having trouble performing my normal daily activities, like not being able to do frequent bending and being on my feet for long periods of time and simple household chores just were aggravating my back pain. I participated in the PneuBack Program and the results have significantly improved my quality of life. I am back to bike riding and have been going to local fairs and walking without increased pain. I am now able to do all my household chores and feel so much better overall. I feel like in the past other types of treatments just treated my symptoms, but this program felt like the problem was taken care of completely. I have absolutely recommended the clinic and program to others!
Lacey S.

I was diagnosed with stenosis and was told that there was a shift in my spine that required surgery and I did not want this option. I found out about “The PneuBack Program” at Sidney Chiropractic which was the only clinic in Ohio that offered this at the time I needed treatment. I started the program and at first my recovery seemed slow but after a period of two to three months it escalated and I have not had to take any pain medication now for over a month. I would recommend the program to anyone and I am currently trying to get this program going in my area so I don’t have to drive so far for care. The PneuBack Program worked for me!
Elizabeth H.

I was injured in a work incident and then not too long after that involved in a car accident. I was having a lot of lower back pain and trouble lifting and standing for any length of time. I went through treatment and the PneuBack Program and am able to perform my household chores, walk for long periods and distances without increased low back pain. I think if anyone is having problems with their spine, they should check out the PneuBack Program at Sidney Chiropractic.
Diane G.

I was treating with Dr. Schubert for upper and lower back problems and recently experienced sciatic pain that was interfering with performing my daily exercise and walking. My husband and I have been looking forward to retirement and traveling. I did have back surgery in the past for a bulging disc and did not want to have to go through this again. I went through the PneuBack program and experienced great results! I recently returned from a trip to Disneyland and vacation in which I walked over 40 miles without pain! I can state that I received faster and longer lasting results from going through this program and have been recommending people to check it out.
Cindy R.

I was having chronic upper back and shoulder issues and was recommended to go through a series of chiropractic treatment and therapies. Since I started treatment I have noticed a big improvement in how I feel. My pain and discomfort is almost gone and I feel that I can function better. I have started walking for exercise and have recently been looking at bicycles to start riding. I would recommend this clinic to people.
Christopher A.

I love the therapies at this office! I was having pain in both of my hips and Dr. Schubert made a wonderful recommendation for me to have hip replacement surgery. He is still taking good care of me because I know that it is important that I keep my spine in good shape.
Cheryl D.

I was injured in a fall and experienced neck, left arm and shoulder pain with headaches that made me ill. I started treatment with Dr. Schubert and have felt a complete turn around in my symptoms. I no longer have any headaches, arm or shoulder pain. I feel 15 years younger! I can do all of my normal activities and more! I absolutely recommended several people to his clinic for care already. I have so much faith in Dr. Schubert and his treatment.
Cheryl B.

I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain with numbness in my arms and hands before I started the program at Sidney Chiropractic. I had no idea that there was a program called “The PneuBack Program” that has changed my life for the better! I feel like I am more balanced and I walk straighter. I have no pain anymore. I also noticed that my hearing seems to have improved. I have told many people at my work place that they need to go to see Dr. Schubert.
Charles G.

I was feeling a lot of tightness in my joints and lower back and was having trouble walking very far before my low back pain increased. I started the PneuBack Program with Dr. Schubert and no longer have any lower back issues or knee pain. I feel loose and am sleeping better which has also improved my attitude and I have noticed that I no longer have any digestive issues. I recommend that anyone who is sitting on their couch and feeling like there is nothing out there to help with their back problems should try this program because it will change your mindset and make you feel a whole lot better!
Bob F.