Allergy Apocalypse

Date: May 15, 2014 | Time: 7:28am

It is like watching a small budget film that shouldn't be allowed in the movie theater. The trees, flowers, and Mother Earth are waking up from a cold..cold.. winter. The itchy eyes, the runny nose, and your head that is congested like the New York subway in the middle of rush hour. All you want is relief, the ability to smell the freshness, instead of despising it. I really feel bad for those who suffer from year long allergies, and you are true testament to the horror of allergies. There has to be a way to fight them right? We have all the technology in the world, and medicine has advanced far beyond our imagination. So of course there is good news, here are some ways to defend against them!

  1. Wash your hair at night. Your hair is one of the first things that attracts and collects pollen. If you haven't washed your hair, then when you lay down in bed, the pollen follows you.

  1. Have you given a speech or been in a high stress environment lately? "Stress raises levels of the hormone cortisol," says Clifford Bassett, MD, an allergist at New York University Medical Center, and that often leads to an amped-up allergic response. He suggest finding ways to relax will help you feel better. Allergiers .jpg

  1. Chiropractic care can also help with allergies, visiting a chiropractor regularly will help strengthen your immune system, it will alleviate allergy symptoms, and can prevent sinus and ear infections.

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Migraines History & Facts

Date: May 5, 2014 | Time: 1:25pm

Migraine History & Facts

"There is no condition of such magnitude - yet so shrouded in myth, misinformation, and mistreatment - as migraine."

- Joel R. Saper, MD, Chair, MRF Medical Advisory Board

It is true, for those who have experienced a migraineheadache, know that it can severely affect your daily activities. What is a migraine though? A migraine is a headache with throbbing pain that is usually worse on one side of your head. If a migraine goes untreated, they can last four hours or even up to three days. Did you know approximately 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and of them, 28 million suffer from migraines. Nearly, 1 in 4 U.S. households include someone with migraine. Also about 18 percent of women and 6 percent of men suffer from migraine. Migraines even affect children, however most migraines go undiagnosed in children. In school-aged children nearly 10% suffer from migraine Half of all migraine sufferers have their first attack before the age of 12. Migraine has even been reported in children as young as 18 months old. Migraine tends to run in families. If one parent suffers from migraine, there is a 40% chance a child will suffer. If both parents suffer, the chance rises to 90%. Symptoms and warning signs can differ from person to person. In general though, common symptoms can be sensitivity to light, sound, and motion. Other symptoms may include but are not limited to: blurred vision, fatigue, sensations of being cold or warm, stomach upset, abdominal pain, and vomiting. Those who suffer from migraines combined for 800,000 migraine related emergency related visits.

Migraine Facts


Your Migraine & Your Chiropractic:

There aren't many large studies on the value of chiropractic treatment in managing migraines. One study examined chiropractic treatment for different types of headaches, including migraines. The study combined the results of 22 studies, which had more than 2,600 patients total. The studies show that chiropractic treatment may serve as a good preventive treatment for migraines. Another trial found that 22 percent of people who had chiropractic treatment saw the number of attacks drop 90 percent. In that same study, 49 percent said they had a significant reduction in pain intensity.

One study of 127 migraine sufferers in Australia found that those that received chiropractic treatment had fewer attacks and needed to take less medication. The 1999 study found that more than 80 percent of the patients blamed stress for leading to their migraine attacks. Therefore researchers believe chiropractic care might physically help reduce the body's reaction to stress. There are also some side effects to chiropractic treatment like: temporary headaches, tiredness, discomfort where chiropractic manipulation took place, and possible stiffness

Other Information

Migraines remains poorly understood and frequently mistreated. Researchers still do not understand many things about the causes of migraine, the role of genetics, the nature of pain, and the reasons why medications work only on some people and in some situations. As a result, sufferers often endure a lengthy process of trial and error to discover an effective treatment. Once a treatment is determined, it may not alleviate every attack, and it may prove ineffective over time. Some people suffer from several different types of migraine, making diagnosis and treatment that much more difficult.

Ready to learn more about how Chiropractic Treatment could help you? Call us today at (937)-492-468.


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4 Signs it's Time for a Chiropractic Adjustment

Date: March 31, 2014 | Time: 7:53am

Day by day you deal with so much. If you have children you can attest to the amount of stress that comes with being a parent. And if those kids are in school, its even more of a stress getting them ready for it in the morning and making sure they have things done for it. Stress is one of the biggest factors that can affect your health, without you even knowing. With all this, getting a chiropractic adjustment is something that can easily slip your mind or something you just keep putting off and putting off. Don't worry we are not chastising you here, we are just trying to let you know that an adjustment can actually make your life easier. But the question remains, "If an adjustment is so important, what are some signs that its time to get one?" We have listed out five among the numerous reasons.

  1. If you are having a recurring pain that lasts for more than 24 hours. This pain can be in any part of your body. Head, chest, neck, arms, legs, back, etc. Pain is the signal to your body that something is not as it should be, and ignoring these signs can be a potential health risk. Chiropractic care usually encompasses overall health and wellness and having regular visits can address these issues in a timely manner.
  2. Stiffness in your spine. Waking up with a stiff back? Maybe throughout the day your back just feels stiff and it's making it hard to do some basic movements? That's a sign. Back pain is usually concentrated to either: soreness, tension or stiffness. When your back is stiff or has pain it usually means that something is wrong. This can limit your movement and possibly even cause further damage, getting to your chiropractor at the first sign of stiffness can put you at literal ease.Chiropractic neck pain
  3. Your vision is blurry/head is hurting for no reason/dizzy spells. We already know your spine is your lifeline. When its out of alignment or is under tension it's not meant to be under, its going to affect your entire body. Having the above symptoms could be either related to improper diet or spine complications (maybe even both). Since chiropractic care is about all over wellness, it will either fix the problem or get you on a plan to avoid these symptoms.
  4. just know. Humans have pain receptors for a reason. When we feel pain, it means something is not working like it should. So when you are sitting at your desk doing nothing and you get a kink in your neck and think "Man, something is just not right with my neck." This is one of the best times to visit a chiropractor! No matter what it is a chiropractor can either: fix the problem or let you know if you need to go to the hospital.

There are obviously a host of other reasons to get an adjustment, but keeping these 4 in mind can cover the most of them. Although your chiropractor can remind you of when its time to get an adjustment, you have to realize they are doing it for your own good. They take every part of your life and calculate how often you need adjustments and treatments. If something comes up between adjustment dates, it is your responsibility to be proactive about your own personal wellness. Just stop into your chiropractor or give them a call and they will set you up in no time! They can also take notes about your possible new health concern and adjust your dates accordingly.

sidney chiropractic

If you are needing an adjustment right now, or want to schedule your first visit with a chiropractor, give us a call! (937) 492-4681

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Why Detoxing is Important for the Body

Date: March 10, 2014 | Time: 11:38am

How long do you spend in the shower scrubbing your face, body and hair? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Maybe you like to sit there for an extra 10 or so minutes slowly increasing the waters temperature to ease away the stresses from the day out of the muscles. Whatever the time may be the question is why do you do it? To clean away the dirt, grime and dead skin cells from our external body! But what about cleaning the inside of the body? Making the inside of our bodies as squeaky clean as we make the outsides is something many people don't really think about, and honestly, it's a little more important!

detox the body

Why does the body even need cleaning out?

Like every biotic process that occurs naturally in our environment, there are sometimes bi-products and waste produced throughout. The same is true for our bodies. Processes in our digestive system, kidneys and immune system perform functions that, in a major part: remove harmful or foreign material from our bodies. For those process and body parts to do this in the best manner possible, they have to remove it from the body. Why not help the process out a little bit? Detoxifying the body gives these awesome organs and processes a little boost and in turn, eases the strain they face. This helps in the end with overall wellness and elongation of healthy body systems.

What gets cleansed when detoxifying?

When impunities appear in the blood, this is just one of the jobs of the kidneys to remove. Sadly, the kidneys cannot remove everything that is in the body system. So detoxifying can help fill those gaps that the kidneys cannot fill. When talking about the digestive system, its job is to move sustenance throughout the body and extracting the essential nutrients throughout the process. At the end of this process there is waste and we have a body part to remove that. But the same is true for the digestive system that is for the kidneys. Detoxifying helps cleanse that waste that the body did not get rid of in other natural processes. The Immune system is a big one. It's what keeps us healthy and our bodily functions running properly. Obviously there are things such as viruses and germs that complicate this task. Every time you get a cold or flu, this means there is something invading your body and making your bodily process not function correctly. The immune system acts like a homing torpedo and attacks these and removes them to bring the body back to a stable state of bodily health.

I'm convinced...what do I do next?

water detox

The best thing to do to detoxify the body is to first and foremost, stop or limit your intake of sugary or fattening foods, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol. This may seem like a no-brainer but these things are what produce the most waste for your body to rid itself of. The next thing is to drink plenty of WATER (8 - 8oz glasses per day). That's right, water. The most powerful detoxifying tool is good ol' H2O. This is because your body uses water for almost every single process it does and ridding it of waste, is one of those processes. Water really is the "liquid of life". The next thing you should do is limit the amount of stress you are feeling. Stress can actually inhibit detoxifying enzymes in the liver! From there just keep a healthy diet and remember that moderation of fast foods, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol is your best weapon.

Here is the bottom-line...If you are feeling sluggish, you can't focus, you get sick easily or are seeing an uncommon increase in weight; it's time to detoxify. In this case the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad. So go on...start your detox today and be proactive about your health!

Ready to get your detox program going? Call us today for a free whole health wellness consultation! (937)-492-4681

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